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You are receiving this email because your building is part of the Cincinnati 2030 District and we need your help with a brief anonymous survey about how you commute. It should only take about 3 minutes to complete.

If you've already received and completed this survey THANK YOU (you can ignore this message). But if you haven't yet, please take a moment to tell us how you get to work - and if this is the first time you are receiving this request, please reply to help connect us with the right person at your organization to send it to all of your building's occupants.

Your participation will help capture critical information that the District needs to assess the carbon emissions for our region and helps us identify key strategies to achieve a sustainable future and cleaner air for the Greater Cincinnati region.

How do you get to work?

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Make every mile count!

A sustainable future with cleaner air and lower emissions for the Greater Cincinnati region starts with you. The Cincinnati 2030 District, in partnership with OKI, is thrilled to introduce a commuter carbon emissions tool for our District!

Why measure transportation emissions?

Transportation-related emissions make up 31% of Cincinnati's greenhouse gas emissions - higher than the national average. Let's create a diverse, connected transportation system that addresses our region’s poor air quality and reduces congestion.

Participation in the survey gives your organization, OKI and the Cincinnati 2030 District a better understanding of commuting needs. With your help, this effort will make our regional air quality cleaner and safer, reducing asthma and other chronic health illnesses that result from poor air quality. Help make this effort succeed by encouraging your building occupants to take the survey.

How will we measure?

By asking District building occupants how they commute - how often and by what means - the anonymous survey will capture critical information to assess carbon emissions for our District and help identify key strategies to achieve cleaner modes of commuting. Information will be aggregated in a District-wide report and kept confidential.

How will the data be used?

With this information, we will calculate emissions per commuter, gain insights into our region's needs for future planning, and identify key priorities for the District to target when working with you - our building members. Your organization will also receive its own report, enabling employers to tailor employee benefits, see progress towards the goals, and help prepare for future commuting habits.

Commuter Resources:

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Cincinnati 2030 District is an initiative of Green Umbrella, Greater Cincinnati's regional sustainability alliance.

Green Umbrella leads collaboration, incubates ideas and catalyzes solutions that create a resilient, sustainable region for all.

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