Redbird Hollow Preserve

Hamilton County, Ohio

A Serene Valley Saved by Neighbors

This 54-acre Ohio Natural Landmark is a 1.5-mile-long valley formed by the upper portion of Redbird Creek.  A trail built on the abandoned right-of-way of an inter-urban electric rail line (closed in the 1920s) parallels the unpolluted creek.  The wooded hollow has hosted several ecological studies since becoming a nature preserve.

Protected by the Nature Conservancy and the Redbird Hollow Association

In the early 1960s, the hollow was threatened with development.  Property owners at the east end of the hollow donated land to the Nature Conservancy while residents along the middle and west end banded together to form the Redbird Hollow Association.  Association members gifted portions of their properties and raised funds to purchase the undeveloped area.  The Association, the Indian Hill Village Public Works Department, and The Nature Conservancy care for the hollow.

How to Find Redbird Hollow Preserve

From U.S. 50 in Terrace Park, go a half mile north on Given Road to a small gravel parking area on the west side of the street, just past a horse-crossing sign.

Learn more about this historic site and the Redbird Hollow Trail.

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