Prevention, Recovery, and Recycling Resources

Learn more about food waste

Prevention Resources- Prevention is the first thing we can do to reduce wasted food. 
Further With Food 
Use the link above to find comprehensive resources and solutions about food loss and waste. 
ReFED Roadmap to Reduce U.S. Food Waste

First ever national economic study and action plan committed to tackling food waste at scale.

Save the Food Education Toolkit
Resource aimed at changing household behavior to reduce food waste

Holiday Guest-imator
Have a party coming up? Use the above 'Guest-imator' to estimate how much food to make!

Recovery Resources- Recovery is the next step we can take to divert food from landfills. 

La Soupe Cincinnati
La Soupe bridges the gap between food waste and hunger using their Rescue. Transform. Share. Model.

Recycling Resources-Recycling is the final step to take to save food from being truly wasted.

Types of composting and understanding the process

Anaerobic Digestion

Information on harnessing biogas

Important Issues in the News

NRDC Issue Paper: Wasted 
How America is Losing Up to 40 Percent of Its Food from Farm to Fork to Landfill

Cincinnati Enquirer Reports on Food Insecurity in Cincinnati

3 in 10 people in Cincinnati struggle to find food. But it's not that there's a shortage

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