Olivia Richter- Miami University

Olivia Richter is a senior Biology and Environmental Science major at Miami University. Although she grew up in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, her family now lives in White Bear Lake, MN, where she had the pleasure of staying this past summer while she maintained various field sites around the state with the USDA on testing bioreactor efficacy in treating agricultural runoff to prevent nutrients from contaminating waterways. In pursuing her degree and her on-campus job as an ecological student researcher, she has realized how damaging conventional agriculture is. Soon enough, she became passionate about a change to the food system entirely. She is a founding member of Miami University’s Institute for Food in which she launched the planting of the first acre of Miami’s sustainable farm and studied food-related issues in the classroom. As a Good Food Fellow, Olivia hopes to make a difference in her community by implementing a CSA within the Institute to make good food more local and accessible. In her spare time, Olivia leads various outdoor weekend trips with her school’s Outdoor Adventure Club, works as a barista at her favorite coffee shop in town, and enjoys cooking with her friends at their weekly “family dinner”. When she graduates this spring, Olivia hopes to become an agricultural volunteer with the Peace Corps to increase food security abroad for 2 years before pursuing a PhD program in Conservation Sciences and a lifetime of involvement in bettering the food system back here in America. 

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