Miami Fort Woodland

Hamilton County, Ohio

Archeology and Views of Three States

The major feature of Shawnee Lookout Park is Miami Fort, a hilltop earthen enclosure built by Hopewell people about 2,000 years ago. The 12-acre earthwork is located near the end of a peninsula of land situated 300 feet above the confluence of the Great Miami and Ohio Rivers. The slopes below the walls of the fort support rich stands of old-growth forest. The 2,430-acre property offers about five miles of trails, with views over the rivers.

Protected by Great Parks of Hamilton County

Shawnee Lookout Park is located on lands donated by the Cincinnati Park Board and the Cincinnati Gas and Electric Company.

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How to Find Miami Fort Woodland

Shawnee Lookout Park is located on Lawrenceburg Road two miles south of its intersection with U.S. 50 in Elizabethtown. The parking area for Miami Fort is at the end of the park road, almost two miles past the park entrance.

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