Who Will Speak for the Ohio River Watershed?

  • July 12, 2023
  • 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
  • Community Friends Meeting, 3960 Winding Way, Cincinnati OH 45229



Hosted by: Faith Communities Go Green

Who will speak for the sacred rights of the Ohio River Watershed?

When: July 12, 12:00-1:30 pm

Community Friends Meeting
3960 Winding Way
Cincinnati, 45229

Bring your lunch – we’ll have drinks and a seasonal treat for dessert!

Our beautiful Ohio River was declared the 2nd most endangered river by American Rivers in April due to threats from industrialization and pollution. In U.S. law, nature is considered property to be used as humans decide. Many indigenous people, scientists, and a growing number of ecologically-concerned people believe that the natural (other than human) world has a voice that we must listen to and respect, not only for the health of the natural world but our own health. 

One way to offer the natural world protection is to encode this into our legal system. As part of a growing international movement, Citizens for Rights of the Ohio River Watershed (CROW) has started a petition to recognize that the Ohio River and its watershed have a right to thrive and flourish. Come join the presentation and discussion - Is water sacred? Why are watersheds important? How did this international movement start? What difference would a rights-based law make? What do faith-based communities have to say about this issue of nature's rights and protecting our Ohio River watershed? For more information on CROW, go to crowohio.org


Deborah Jordan is the clerk of Community Friends Meeting (Quaker) a founding member of CROW, and a mediator. She has a long history of a concern for natural, biodiverse yards. She is also the producer of the Central Ohio River Valley (CORV) Local Food Guide.

Bill Cahalan is a psychologist who brings the Human-Earth relationship into his work with clients. A founding member of CROW, he teaches a contemplative practice of communion with life. Bill and Deborah engage in regenerative land care on the 9/10ths of an acre in the Bold Face Creek Watershed they call home.

Hosted by Faith Communities Go Green, Advocacy Working Group.

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