Nature in the City: John Talmadge

  • September 28, 2018
  • 7:30 PM
  • Common Roots Pub, 3642 8th St. West, Cincinnati

Organization: Common Roots, Enright Urban EcoVillage

John Talmadge, author of The Cincinnati Arch: Learning from Nature in the City will be speaking as a part of the Nature in the City Series. 

A wilderness lover relocates to the Rust Belt and learns from his children and his neighborhood how to value urban nature as a scene of delight and instruction.

• Author of three books and numerous essays on nature, culture, literature, and human values

• Teacher with thirty years’ experience in doctoral and undergraduate education

• Leader in national organizations devoted to environmental studies, nature writing, and ecocriticism

• Reviewer for more than fifteen trade and university presses

• Editor for University of Virginia Press series, “Under the Sign of Nature: Explorations in Ecocriticism”

• Ph.D. from Yale University, A.B. from Dartmouth College

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