10% Shift to Local Food at Work

Our 10% Shift Campaign can go to work for you! 

The 10% Shift at Work is a flexible and accessible arm of the campaign designed to enhance existing wellness programs while encouraging employees to seek out the more local food choice during their work day. Learn more about why local food is a great choice here.

The following tools are available to any business or organization in the Greater Cincinnati Area. 

Eat Local Caterers 

Use our list of caterers who source locally to order food for your next meeting or event.

Workplace Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) 

Organize a CSA drop-off at your workplace for employees to take home. Click here for more information

Newsletter: 10% Shift Eat Local INSIDER 

The newsletter can be sent directly to your employees, forwarded by you, or we can work together to create newsletter modules to incorporate into your existing newsletter. Sign up for the newsletter by taking the 10% Shift Pledge here!

Online Presence 

We will provide our logo for you to share on your website and social media to build awareness about your efforts to encourage eating local.

Cincinnati Region Local Food Map 

Send a link to the map to your employees or post it on your website as a reference.

Central Ohio River Valley Local Food Guide 

We have a limited number of print copies available. Download the online version anytime here

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