Giving Back: Tree Planting Permaculture Action Day

November 17, 2019 8:45 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Organization: Cincinnati Permaculture Institute

When: 11/17, from 1:00-5:00 pm

Where: Treasure Lake, 2590 Lawrenceburg Ferry Rd, Petersburg Kentucky

With the seasons change, tree planting season is upon us and time is dwindling. Having put lots of trees in already, a final push is warranted. Having most of it developed already allows for a learning lesson of it all as we finish off the last parts. It will mainly be fruit trees lining the coast of treasure lake, further adding to this gem of a site and resource. Below is the list we planted and what is ahead.

32 paw paw seedlings
• 4 chestnuts
• 5 more hazelnuts
• 4 nectarine
• 4 blackberry
• 2 elderberry
• 1 mulberry to compliment a nearby one
• 2 carolina all spice
• 2 witch hazel
• 2 vernal witch hazel
• 2 goumi
Still to go is the following:
• 3 peach
• 4 pear
• 4 elderberry
• 4 jujube
14 Paw Paw

Come and enjoy community action and learn from this unique food forest planting. We will be digging terraces, sheet mulching, caging, the trees, and giving them compost and water to send them into their new homes.

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