Digital Access to Recordings of 2020-2022 Midwest Sustainability Summit Recordings

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Each year, the Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit (presented by Green Umbrella) brings together hundreds of passionate business, nonprofit, government, and community leaders to share inspiring forward-thinking and solution-oriented ideas that propel us toward a healthier, more resilient, sustainable, and equitable future. Learn more at Your $45 contribution gives you access to the recordings from our past three Summits! The 2022 Sustainability Summit returned to being in-person, with the theme "Emergent Strategies for an Equitable, Climate Prepared Region." It featured a keynote by Kristin Baja (Director of Direct Support & Innovation at the Urban Sustainability Directors Network) and a plenary panel with Cincinnati OH Mayor Aftab Pureval, Lima OH Mayor Sharetta Smith, and Dayton OH Sustainability Specialist Meg Maloney. PLEASE NOTE: Only sessions that took place on the main stage were recorded. This includes the keynote, plenary panel, short talks series, and two breakout sessions. The 2021 Sustainability Summit was a multi-day virtual conference, with the theme "Accelerating Action: The Path to 2030." It featured a keynote by Joan Fitzgerald (Professor of Urban and Public Policy at Northeastern University), two plenary panels focused on transformative opportunities for the Midwest, a short talks series, and 28 breakout sessions (all recorded). The 2020 Sustainability Summit was a multi-day virtual conference, with the theme "Cities of the Future: Becoming a Regenerative Region." It featured a keynote by Majora Carter (award-winning urban revitalization strategist and corporate consultant), a plenary panel on the intersection of race, health, and environment, and 19 breakout sessions (all recorded).
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