Have you ever dangled your feet in a local stream and wondered, "What's the quality of this water running between my toes?" Now, answers to that question and many more are at your fingertips. Just click on StreamBank – a central repository web site containing regional water quality monitoring data.

StreamBank is a powerful tool that contains standardized data and interactive graphing/ reporting features to customize selections and cross query data sets. It is a collaborative effort created and supported by regional volunteer stream monitoring organizations:

One Saturday a month for nine months every year over 350 volunteer citizen scientists sample local streams and rivers and collect quantitative data on the following parameters:

  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • turbidity
  • nitrates
  • total phosphorus
  • bacteria (e.coli and total coliforms)
  • chlorophyll and optical whiteners (some organizations)


Thanks to the glaciers’ handiwork, the greater Cincinnati region is blessed with multiple watersheds. Our region also is blessed with dedicated citizen scientist volunteers who diligently and zealously monitor the health of these vibrant streams and rivers. Now the water quality data, they have collected is available to you.



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