The Regional Climate Collective will take action through five working groups, which were designed based on the thematic priorities of regional climate impacts and implementation needs. All working groups will be supported by the Green Umbrella staff and key regional/national partners, and will identify and pursue efforts and funding that will achieve the collective goals of the working group. Unless otherwise noted, all working groups will be open to all RCC Members (local government staff and local officials) and Partners (community and organizational leaders). 

Building Local Capacity Working Group 

  • Increase regional government and NGO staff capacity to act on sustainability, equity, and resilience
  • Implement equitable action plans, projects programs, and policies
  • Create workforce opportunities for the next generation of sustainability professionals, including a fellowship program for local governments

Community Listening and Engagement Working Group 

  • Center resident voice, experience, and expertise in local government and community plans, projects, programs, and policies,
  • Engage communities of color, low-income community members, youth, and the elderly through the Climate Safe Neighborhoods Partnership

Elected Officials Working Group

  • Build political will among elected officials and those running for office, and support efforts at local to state levels
  • Support the development of climate platforms across local to state offices in Greater Cincinnati

Preparing Partners and People Working Group*

  • Listen to community needs and co-create meaningful, self-determined engagement of community groups with the RCC and local governments
  • Provide community leaders - especially leaders of color - with resources, technical support, and guidance in their climate efforts
  • Identify accountability & transparency pathways and opportunities 

*This group is open only to RCC Partners that represent community-based organizations and/or frontline community groups

Regional Funding and Implementation Working Group

  • Raise awareness of climate impacts and solutions
  • Develop resources to accelerate implementation across the region, including a Regional Action Playbook
  • Secure and disseminate federal, state, and philanthropic funding to regional communities
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