Green Umbrella Statement on ORSANCO Pollution Control Standards

August 15, 2018 2:16 PM | Anonymous member

The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) recently re-evaluated its Pollution Control Standards (PCS), and is proposing to eliminate the Water Quality Criteria it enforces for the Ohio River. ORSANCO has served as an inter-state regulator of effluent into the Ohio River since it was established 70 years ago, well before the founding of the EPA and Clean Water Act. ORSANCO is a member of Green Umbrella, and we highly value its role in maintaining the integrity of the Ohio River. 

After careful consideration, and under the advice of the Watershed Action Team, Green Umbrella recommends that ORSANCO continue to monitor and enforce its Pollution Control Standards. ORSANCO has the unique role of ensuring that all states (and polluters) in the Ohio River watershed are held to the same standards. The elimination of the water quality criteria developed for the Ohio River by ORSANCO could be detrimental to the river and the watershed as a whole. If the three-year Pollution Control Standard review cycle poses a financial strain for the organization, we encourage ORSANCO to move to a five year cycle to reduce the burden. ORSANCO is accepting public comments until midnight on August 20. Learn more about how to submit a comment on its website.


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