Green Umbrella Membership Agreement: 

  • Members affirm their commitment to the mission, vision and goals of Green Umbrella.

  • Members understand that Green Umbrella is an organization based on cooperation and collaboration between its individual and organizational members. We encourage diversity of opinions and recognize that some members may have agendas that differ in part from those of Green Umbrella and other members. We insist, however, on mutual respect. Adversarial approaches or confrontations between members in forums, social media, or any other public areas that concern Green Umbrella are not consistent with membership.

  • Member organizations are encouraged to use the fact of their membership in Green Umbrella for identification and promotional purposes. Members shall not state or imply that such membership constitutes endorsement of any policies or actions without the express approval by the Green Umbrella Board.

  • Members acknowledge that:

    • Views they may express do not necessarily reflect the views of Green Umbrella and its Board.

    • Green Umbrella does not engage in lobbying activities.

  • Members have the privilege of posting notices of appropriate events and other items of general interest (news of products and services, job openings, and the like) on Green Umbrella media. Green Umbrella reserves the right to monitor items for appropriateness and to reject items.

  • Green Umbrella does not share contact information for individual members and does not sell or exchange mailing lists with other organizations. Unless instructed otherwise, Green Umbrella does acknowledge individual members on our website, and organizational members are posted with contact information.

  • Green Umbrella affirms its right to reject or expel a member if, in the Board’s determination, their purpose or actions are not consistent with or complementary to the mission and goals of Green Umbrella. In such a case, cause would be stated and membership dues returned.

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