Friday, May 1, 2020
7:30 am – 5:00 pm
Cintas Center | Xavier University

Each year, the Midwest Regional Sustainability Summit explores new and promising areas of environmental sustainability, while also taking a deeper look at the challenges faced by businesses globally. We examine how organizations, businesses and communities across the nation are making environmental thinking both a core business strategy and a driver of long-term growth.

In 2020, we will explore the theme “Cities of the Future: Becoming a Regenerative Region, and imagine how cities can become regenerative hubs that enhance rather than deplete our natural resources, promote a vibrant, resilient built environment and support healthy, equitable communities. By examining innovative strategies to link rural, urban and suburban communities, we can identify new opportunities to build regions that are both socially and environmentally resilient.

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Keynote Speaker: Majora Carter

This year, we're excited to welcome Majora Carter, an award-winning urban revitalization strategist and corporate consultant. Founder of Sustainable South Bronx and Green for All, Carter has worked at the intersection of race, place and environment for over two decades. Her work in the South Bronx has transformed a once blighted community into a hub of opportunity and advancement for residents of all backgrounds.

"I'm proof that you can help drive the changes you want to see; you can create a better neighborhood for yourself."

Now Seeking Proposals for Summit Sessions

In an effort to be more collaborative, this year we are excited to welcome proposals for summit sessions. We invite submissions of proposals for panels, workshops and presentations that explore the concept of regenerative regions. Sessions that share insights from peer cities or that highlight opportunities for individuals and communities to advance sustainability are welcomed. Programming is multi-disciplinary; therefore, high quality proposals are invited that align with one of the suggested topics:

    • Sustainable Built Environment: Energy, Water & Waste Management
    • Vibrant Landscapes: Water, Land Management & Natural Resources
    • Connecting the Region: Transportation, Food Systems & Circular Economies
    • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Sustainability
    • Collective Impact in Sustainability
    • Advancing Sustainability through Legislative or Institutional Policy Change

Submission Guidelines

All submissions should meet the guidelines specified below and be submitted by Friday, December 13 at 11:59 PM EST.

    • All submissions should align with the theme of the summit and aim to educate and bring value to attendees.
    • Submissions should include 1-2 “takeaways” or actions that attendees can bring back to their places of work, communities or homes
    • Submissions can be in the form of presentations by one or more speakers, moderated panels facilitated in question/answer format or workshops that deliver training or professional development opportunities to attendees
    • Submissions should include no more than 4 panelists including the moderator. Name, title and organizational affiliation of all proposed panelists should be included in application. Submissions without a list of proposed panelists will not be considered. Panelists will be granted discounted admission to the full conference
    • All submissions should include a 100-word abstract that provides a brief overview of the session, the panel’s connection to the theme, and learning outcomes
    • By agreeing to participate in the summit, each speaker consents to the inclusion of their picture and contact information (email and LinkedIn page) in conference app. Additionally, all slides and supplemental handouts will be made available on the conference app.

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