November 2017

Let's Be Thankful for Local Food!

The Thanksgiving holiday is a perfect time for family and friends to come together over dishes of fresh, local food. Green Umbrella has gathered a list of where to find local ingredients for your Thanksgiving meal.

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Thanksgiving Basket from a Local Food Hub

Ohio Valley Food Connection has created a Thanksgiving Basket to help you get ready for the holiday. It contains sweet potatoes, squash, celery, broth, and more! Register here as a household purchaser for the Food Hub and choose items for your basket from over 50 local farms.

Give Local, Fresh Food to Families in Need

You can help make sure families in your community have healthy food to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together. Our Harvest Cooperative is collecting donations that will be used to provide fresh, local food to a family in need. Donatthrough their online store (scroll to the bottom) by Friday, November 17.

Local Turkey

Here are local sources for fresh, farm-raised turkey. Be sure to contact the farm or market in advance to reserve the size bird that would meet your needs. 

  • Greenacres Farm's  turkeys are free-range and can be picked up on November 22.
  • Tewes Farm is a family farm that's the only fresh poultry producer in Northern Kentucky.
  • TS Farms in New Vienna, OH offers pasture raised turkeys available to pick up at several locations. Order online.
  • If you are thinking ahead to 2018, you can also check out Finn Meadows Farm and Gorman Heritage Farm, both of whom are sold out for 2017.

Source Produce (and More!) from Year-Round Farmers Markets

Many farmers markets sell produce throughout the year and can be great sources for holiday (or everyday) ingredients and gifts. Stop by one of the following farmers markets before the big day.

We wish you a happy holiday full of fresh, local food!

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