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10% Shift INSIDER 

This is Greater Cincinnati's finest Local Food Newsletter, published monthly by the Local Food Action Team. Inside you will find recipes for what's in season, tips on eating local, and the latest news in local food. To get this gem in your inbox, sign up here. To view samples, click below.

Eat Local Food

Central Ohio River Valley Local Food Guide- (CORV Guide) 

Eat Local CORV

The most comprehensive annual listing of local farms, farmers markets, CSAs, restaurants and more! Released every year on Earth Day.

Edible Ohio Valley 

Beautiful quarterly magazine celebrating Ohio River Valley Food Culture, Season by Season. 

Map of Cincinnati Region Local Food

An ever-growing Google map of all the places in the greater Cincinnati area where you can find local food. 

Do you have a Google account? Open the map with your Google account and add it to your account. 

Do you have a Google Maps app on your phone? If you add the map to your Google account, you can pull it up on your phone and use it on the go! 

Workplace Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Bring local food to your workplace! Download and read our Workplace CSA Toolkit

Local Food Recipes

Camp Washington Art and Mobile Produce (CAMP) Food Map 

CAMP is a healthy mobile food distribution center. It serves as a community napping, food and nutrition education, and art activity hub. Visit the CAMP cart on Saturdays at the Camp Washington Pool.

Grow Local Food

Civic Garden Center

Who is Training Farmers in the CORV FoodShed? - by Alan Wight 

USDA Urban Agriculture Toolkit

The face of agriculture is changing, and urban agriculture is one of the latest movements to challenge the traditional view of farming. From rooftop gardens to aquaponics centers in old warehouses to growing crops on abandoned properties, urban agriculture provides many benefits to a community, including closer neighborhood ties, reduced crime, education and job training opportunities, and healthy food access for low-income residents.

Learn about Local Food

Local Food Action Team Strategic Plan 

What is the Local Food Action Team all about? This strategic plan covers 2014-2016.

State of Local Food 

The most comprehensive report on the Cincinnati region's local food scene

The 30 Mile Meal - Athens, Ohio 

Here's another Ohio initiative to promote local food consumption for locals and tourists

In the News

May 19, 2015 Cincinnati receives funding to strengthen local food system 

July 5, 2016 'Good Food' Pledge Could Help Cincinnati 

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