Early Successes for Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council

June 22, 2017 11:05 AM | Anonymous

In the last month, members of the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy Council (FPC) have been involved in two important successes for creating a healthier, equitable, sustainable food system in our region. These are exciting first steps for Council in accomplishing their 2017-2019 Policy Agenda:

  • Cincinnati City Council passed an Urban Agriculture motion on June 1 directing city departments to work together to increase access and reduce the costs of city land for urban agriculture. Thanks to Alan Wight, Denisha Porter, Robin Henderson, Tevis Foreman and all the others on the FPC who helped facilitate the conversations with the right people!
  • The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) issued guidelines on "Sharing Tables", allowing students who have whole, unopened food they will not eat to place the food on a common table for others to consume and for distribution through weekend backpack programs and food pantries. Thanks to Jenny Lohman, Kelly Schwegman and members of the Assessment, Planning, Zoning and Food Waste work group for sharing their knowledge and helping spur ODH to issue this guidance.
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