Jenn Bakes- University of Cincinnati

Jenn Bakes, from Northern Kentucky, is currently a second year Master of Community Planning student at the University of Cincinnati. She will graduate in May of 2017. She was first introduced to the issues within the food/agricultural system as an undergraduate, interning for Green Umbrella. She then became exposed to the problem of inaccesibility of healthy, local food for low-income households in downtown Cincinnati, working for the Salvation Army. She is most interested in using community engagement and education to make local food more accessible and inexpensive in urban settings. Before Jenn became a student of urban planning, she earned her B.A. in English and History, with minors in French and Gender & Diversity Studies from Xavier University. She enjoys music, volleyball, listening to NPR, eating foods (particularly local ones), attending all the events she can, and spending quality time with her pet snake, Raja.

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