What is the Greenspace Impact Team?

Green Umbrella's Greenspace Impact Team is a coalition of land trusts, park districts, businesses, educational institutions, planning organizations, and others to share best practices, facilitate communication, and plan collaborative efforts to preserve, enhance, and promote the value of greenspace in our region.

We work together under the Collective Impact model to help organizations 
concerned with greenspace preservation 
become more effective and more strategic. This focuses on identifying high-value unprotected greenspace areas and finding ways to ensure their continuing survival.

We help our communities understand the value of greenspace in dealing with climate change, increasing resiliency, and improving quality of life. We envision a rich legacy of protected greenspaces available for all to enjoy.  

Environmental Mitigation & Suitability Modeler

Greenspace Impact Team members worked together to develop the Environmental Mitigation and Suitability Modeler (EMSM) available through OKI Regional Council of Governments. The EMSM tool enables users to discover and prioritize land areas based on their unique requirements. The user would select the GIS layers relevant to their specific analysis, weigh the importance of each layer, and view a map that calculated the priority areas for them. Local conservation partners and governments have used the new tool to prioritize locations for conservation and mitigation efforts. 

Learn about Greenspace Gems

Greenspace Gems recognizes and celebrates natural areas in the Green Umbrella 10-county region with outstanding scenic value, biological diversity, scientific importance or historic interest. By telling the stories of these protected places, we hope to grow public support for greenspace conservation and the organizations who are leading this work in the region. Check our Greenspace Gems today to find your next adventure or moment of inspiration. Learn more.

For more information or to get involved with the Greenspace Impact Team, contact one of the team coordinators:

Cory Christopher 

Andy Dickerson 

Margaret Minzner

Bob Temple

Green Umbrella's Greenprint Maps

Greenspace team members created a visual representation of the most important corridors and habitats in our region for preservation. You can explore their ideas in the Greenprint maps below. 

Enhance Your Landscape

  • Bring more birds to your home with native plants. Use the Audubon Society's Native Plants Database to learn the best plants in your area.

  • Increase pollinator habitat by taking the Cincinnati Zoo's Plant for Pollinators Challenge. You can provide beautiful, vital habitat by adding pollinator-friendly plants to your yard and landscape and enjoy colorful blooms all season.
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