'It Just Doesn't Feel Very Safe.' Is Cincinnati Ready for the Pandemic Bike Boom?

August 18, 2020 10:37 AM | Anonymous

By: Hannah K. Sparling

Source: Cincinnati Enquirer

"Cincinnati, like other cities around the nation, is experiencing a bike boom as people look for new methods of entertainment and exercise during the coronavirus pandemic...ut as new riders hit the streets, is Cincinnati ready to accommodate them?"

"10 years into the city's 15-year bike plan that was supposed to make cycling “an integral part of daily life.” By now, according to the plan’s timeline, Cincinnati should have around 170 miles of on-street bike infrastructure, including more than 80 miles of bike lanes and 20 miles of climbing lanes, specific space for cyclists as they ride up hills."

"What do we actually have? About 30 miles, according to an analysis from Tri-State Trails."

"Several people mentioned that the city’s off-street trails do seem to be nicer than the on-street bike lanes...That’s kind of been the tradeoff, said Wade Johnston, a bike commuter and director of the bicycling advocacy group Tri-State Trails. While Johnston is disappointed parts of the 2010 bike plan have gone unfulfilled, he’s encouraged by the work going into off-street trails, such as Wasson Way and the Ohio River Trail."

"According to the 2010 plan, Cincinnati should have 49.4 miles of off-street bicycling infrastructure by now. The city actually has 33.3 miles, with funding secured for another 11.2 miles. That’s much closer to goal than the on-street portion."

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