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  • November 06, 2018 2:53 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Organization: Cincinnati Parks

    Salary  $71,831.14 - $96,535.05 Annually

    Location Cincinnati Ohio 45202, OH

    Job Type Full-time Classified

    Department Parks

    Job Number 18-00607

    Closing 11/30/2018 5:34 PM Eastern

    General Statement of Duties

    Provides leadership and planning for the staff and nine member Urban Forestry Board; assures that four basic services are provided by the Urban Forestry Management Section of the Parks Department: (1) immediate, 24-hour response to all complaints about dangerous trees; (2) preventative maintenance on all community street trees; (3) sufficient tree planting each year to assure 100,000 street trees over the next twenty years; and (4) performance of all related miscellaneous activities for an adequate urban forest program along 1,000 miles of public streets and in parks. Performs related duties as required. 

    Examples of Work Performed:
    (Illustrative only. Any one position within this classification may not include all of the duties listed nor do the listed examples include all of the tasks which may be performed.)

    Develops and follows through City Council the section's annual budget and ordinances for assessment and public tree care.
    Serves as Executive Secretary of the Urban Forestry Board.
    Works closely with the Board to develop and update the program's 20-year Forest Management Plan and to maintain a high degree of public support for the program.
    Responds, on behalf of the Director of Parks, in writing to all questions and complaints from citizens and elected officials.
    Working knowledge of current safety policies, instructions for proper usage, and other procedures and professional practices required for completing job duties.
    Identifies and eliminates all unsafe practices and conditions.
    Sets goals and standards for the section's employees and conducts all necessary personnel activities for them.
    Writes technical articles for nationwide publications and news releases for local promotion of forestry.
    Administers contracts, supervises contractors, and inspects the quality and quantity of work prior to approving any vouchers.
    Compiles survey data, writes contract specifications, and updates section's specifications with the most current technical and safety standards.
    Works in the field with community volunteers who assist with pre-work surveys.
    Conducts field work in support of the specific street tree work projects:  plantings, preventative maintenance, and emergency response.
    Reviews public tree work applications and works with other City agencies on forestry matters.
    Performs technical research and answers questions from the public.
    Works on 24-hour call upon notification from the Traffic and Roads Operations Department or the Police Department to inspect trees which have fallen across roads or damaged private property.
    Works with the Purchasing Division to obtain lowest bidding, qualified company to complete contract work.
    Serves as an expert witness in court for the City.
    Represents City during dealings with federal, state, and private forestry agencies.
    Drives a car or van to make inspections and for "on call" purposes.
    Manages in-house tree crews.

    Minimum Qualifications (KSAs)

    (Illustrative only. Any one position may not require all of the listed KSAs nor do the listed examples include all the KSAs which may be required.)

    Knowledge of:
    Methods of motivation and supervision needed to keep professional staff operating at a high level.
    Public relations and education techniques used to promote the program.
    Urban forestry activities, laws, and basic premises to respond in writing for the section and its division and department heads to concerns from the public and elected officials.
    Forestry contracting necessary to supervise and inspect all work done.
    Safety policies and procedures, e.g., Employee Safety Instruction Manual.
    The forestry program sufficient to attend and speak at public meetings and write in technical journals on behalf of the City.
    Horticulture sufficient to develop training programs for various groups.

    Skill to:
    Drive a car or van.

    Ability to:
    Implement and maintain positive employee relations.
    Promote and maintain highest integrity throughout all personnel.
    Analyze and manage effective EEO/AA programs.
    Write and speak effectively both for technical and non-technical audiences.
    Create innovative ideas that the Urban Forestry Board can use to help promote the program.
    Carry out effective public relations, including using mass media to keep the citizens informed about their forest program.
    Develop an annual budget and work through City Council for special assessments, etc.
    Coordinate monthly and yearly program goals with section's long range management plan.
    Perform technical forestry research, both internally and in the field.
    Work with various City agencies on forestry activities.
    Work closely with interested departments to obtain the best contracts for the lowest price and insure quality work.

    Required Education and Experience

    Open and Promotional: Each applicant must have one year experience in Rural Forest Management or Urban Forestry plus a minimum of sixty credit hours in the areas of dendrology, entomology, forest ecology, forest economics, forest management, forest mensuration, silviculture, forest policy and administration, landscaping and horticulture, plant pathology, timber harvesting, wood science, or wood utilization.

    Must have a valid Driver's License.
    Must be an excellent communicator and team builder.
    Must have or obtain Certified Public Operator licenses granted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture as follows: Category 4a (Forest Pest Control-General); Category 4b (Forest Pest Control-Timberstand and Improvement); Category 5a (Industrial Vegetation Control-General); and Category 5b (Ornamental Plant and Shade Tree Pest Control).
    Must obtain certification as an Ohio Certified Arborist.
    Willingness to work irregular hours which may include evenings and weekends.

    Note: All licenses and certifications must be obtained no later than the end of the probationary period. If they are not obtained during the probationary period, the employee will not pass probation and will be dismissed.


    Military education and experience may be substituted for college level course work at the lower and upper division baccalaureate and graduate levels and apprenticeship training at the vocational certificate level on a case by case basis based on the American Council on Education (ACE) Military Guide recommendations.


    City of Cincinnati




  • October 26, 2018 12:21 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Organization: Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District 

    Seasonal Intern/Coop Position


    Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District has one temporary position available. This position is for 15-20 hrs/week for a maximum of 360 hours. Position date between January 7 - May 10, 2019. This position must be part of the student’s co-op/internship class in which students are currently enrolled.

    Duties Include:

    Assist in presenting watershed programs to high school students as part of the Caring For Our Watersheds competition

    Help high school students develop ideas and give feedback on proposals for watershed contest

    Assist in judging proposals and inputting judges’ scores

    Work with outside organizations to collaborate, mentor & plan projects with students

    Possibly provide public education presentations

    Assist in planning final competition at Cincinnati Zoo with over 100 attendees

    Data entry for major projects

    Other duties as assigned

    Skill required:

    Currently taking coursework to attain or possess an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in planning, environmental sciences, engineering, education or other related field. This experience must be credited as co-op or work experience by current advisor or professor

    A direct working knowledge of conservation issues as they apply to soil & water

    A direct working knowledge of watersheds and how humans can impact them

    Knowledge of the USEPA - NPDES Phase II Storm Water Regulations preferred

    Ability to communicate in a professional, accurate and energetic manner to a variety of audiences

    Basic computer skills in Microsoft Office - particularly Microsoft Excel

    Work well within a team: respect and support initiative of others; communicate in a timely and candid manner with team members

    Ability to lift at least 25 lbs

    Be available on some weekends and evenings

    Valid driver’s license and automobile insurance

    Transcripts and writing samples should be provided upon request.

    Hourly salary - $12.00.                 

    Deadline for application - November 16, 2018.

    Send resume, cover letter and references to:   

    Hamilton County Soil & Water Conservation District

    Attn: Gwen Z Roth, Education Specialist

    1325 E Kemper Road #115, Cincinnati, Ohio 45246


  • October 23, 2018 1:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Organization: MetroParks of Butler County

    Summary: Under the supervision of the Facility & Event Manager, this position performs a variety of general purpose duties as required to facilitate the rental, food and beverage service operations, and associated operational needs at the Voice of America Park.

    Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities – Essential Functions:

    • Food and bar service duties may include handling, preparation of, and selling food, beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and other items, AV setup, stocking shelves and cleaning kitchen, concession areas, stock rooms, patio, gazebo, and Lodge areas including associated restrooms.

    • Follows State, local and MetroParks health regulations and policies relative to the safe handling, preparation and sale of food, kitchen utensils, and disposal of garbage in appropriate containers. Complies with State regulations pursuant to the purchase and sale of beer, wine, and other alcoholic beverages.

    • Sets up, moves, and takes down tables, chairs, and other equipment. Direct all general heating and maintenance requests to the Facility & Event Manager. Completes appropriate forms with an explanation of work requested.

    • Operates and maintains the POS cash register/credit card systems. Completes Beverage Package Invoice/Deposit paperwork accurately and in a timely manner in order to make required bank deposits. Assists with inventory as assigned. Alerts Facility & Events Manager to any cash handling or product inventory discrepancies pursuant to established accounting procedures.

    • Operates non-licensed motor vehicles or APVs.

    • Other duties as assigned.

    Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

    • Ability to work independently, including opening and closing of buildings

    • Ability to maintain confidentiality on sensitive issues and nonpublic records

    • Knowledge of basic food preparation techniques

    • Knowledge of sanitation practices

    • Ability to understand and follow directions

    Required Education and Experience:

    • High school diploma or GED

    • Minimum of 21 years of age at time of employment

    • Ability to operate a cash register, to track and accurately handle payments, make change, and process credit card payments

    • Certification in CPR from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association within six months of hire date

    • ServSafe Food Handler certification within six months of hire date.

    Preferred Education and Experience:

    • Knowledge of audio-visual equipment setup including, but not limited to projectors, DVD players, VCRs, notebook computers, microphones and PowerPoint software

    • Previous retail experience

    Work Environment & Schedule: This job performs in a service/operational environment, and includes use of kitchen and custodial equipment. This is an intermittent part time hourly position as work will include extended hours and/or a varied work schedule, including evenings, weekends and holidays.

    Physical Demands: Physical effort usually requires considerable walking, standing, bending, twisting, pushing and pulling, with some lifting of materials weighing 25 to 50 pounds. Working conditions can include exposure to high and low temperatures while providing service for outdoor events.

    The position functions and responsibilities are illustrative only and do not represent all the duties or tasks to be assigned or performed by an employee with this position title.

    Alternates to the above qualifications may be acceptable as approved by the Executive Director.

  • October 23, 2018 1:11 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Organization: Apple Street Market

    The Campaign Coordinator is a key on-the-ground fundraiser, relationship builder, and cheer-leader for Apple Street Market’s Community Owner- focused capital campaign.

    The Coordinator will build and maintain the pace and momentum of the campaign. The Coordinator oversees implementation of outreach and solicitations according to the campaign planning and timeline, drives completion of campaign objectives, informs development of campaign resources, and may be a part of determining overall and large-investor strategy. Further, in order to make sure all aspects of the campaign are working well, the Coordinator will work to marshal Board, staff, and volunteer resources; this role requires strong project management skills, including an ability to clearly communicate deadlines, hold collaborating campaign members accountable for their contributions, and identify and mitigate emerging and urgent challenges.

    The Coordinator works closely with the Consultant and Fundraising Committee, who guide the overall campaign (both the planning and implementation), and reports to the Board Fundraising Chair. The Coordinator will facilitate and organize the process from beginning to end, providing direction, support and encouragement to other members of the campaign team. Being the Coordinator requires good communication and delegation.

    The Coordinator will be compensated between $20 - $30 hourly as a contractor. Please note that Apple Street Market’s Board has approved contractor costs for two months; work beyond two months is contingent upon fundraising success. The role will grow and shift over time from planning (4 weeks, 30 hours per week), to implementation (8 weeks, 40 hours per week or more), and wrap up (6 weeks, 20 hours per week).

    The Coordinator’s scope of work will include:

    Planning (4 weeks)

    ● Adjusting and regularly updating a campaign timeline, including close collaboration with the Fundraising and Communications Committees.

    ● Establishes effective communication among the team and with the co-op’s management and/or board of directors.

    ● Working with the Fundraising Chair and Fundraising Committee to develop the overall large-investor strategy.

    ● Coordinating the gathering of pre-commitments from a select few key co-op supporters to achieve at least 10% of the campaign’s income goals by public launch.

    ● Developing systems to track campaign progress, caller and collections performance and communications.

    ● Updating and/or creating target lists for the overall campaign and for large investments.

    ● Building relationships with and recruiting potential caller volunteers, including securing their commitment to participate in the campaign.

    ● Arranging with Campaign Consultant for caller training (including logistics such as time, space, equipment, and materials, and coordinating with our expert consultant to implement best practices).

    Implementation (8 weeks, following “public” launch)

    ● Building relationships with potential Community Owner loan makers through phone calls, in-person meetings, electronic and hard copy correspondence.

    ● Soliciting Community Owner loans, independently and in collaboration with other team members.

    ● Organizing/coordinating campaign caller volunteer training with Campaign Consultant.

    ● Overseeing and supporting the caller team, including providing additional training and support, as needed, and repositioning under-performing callers.

    ● Assessing all aspects of the campaign and providing recommendations re: strategy, timeline, and budget adjustments, as needed, to the Fundraising Committee.

    ● Reporting co-op updates and campaign status (via Slack or other resources) to callers and the rest of the team at least twice weekly, preferably daily.

    ● Coordinating and developing public and owner outreach/communications with Communications Committee (and UCommunicate) to celebrate and build momentum the campaign’s success.

    ● Reporting large investments to the team as they occur.

    ● Ensuring data from callers, collectors and other sources is entered promptly, preferably daily.

    ● Ensuring regular team meeting are held, with agendas and facilitators.

    ● Promoting an upbeat and celebratory campaign atmosphere.

    Wrap Up (6 weeks following the end of the active Campaign)

    ● Verifying that all pledges and executed loans are supported by appropriate documentation and captured in the CRM.

    ● Coordinating with Collectors and/or following up directly with Community Owners re: unfulfilled pledges to secure pledged loans.

    ● Ensuring that all Community Owner investors are thanked appropriately.

    ● Developing and soliciting feedback regarding a Campaign Reflection Memo, documenting successes, challenges, and remaining opportunities for future follow-up.


    ● Experience with fundraising and/or organizing strategies and processes.

    ● Proven success working collaboratively and effectively delegating responsibility in a team environment.

    ● Outstanding written, verbal, and visual communication skills.

    ● Flexibility to work evenings and weekends when necessary.

    ● Ability to prioritize tasks appropriately in a fast-paced busy work environment.

    ● Sense of humor and commitment to building more just economies.

    To apply, send resume and cover letter to Applications accepted on a rolling basis. References will be required for applicants who progress to group interviews.

  • October 17, 2018 12:49 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Organization: MetroParks of Butler County

    Summary: Conceptualizes, develops and presents MetroParks of Butler County programs including animals, gardening, agricultural education and history. Assists/coordinates the daily maintenance and improvement of the grounds, agriculture/farm. Performs a variety of general-purpose duties and manual labor tasks related to the upkeep and improvement of park grounds, buildings, facilities, equipment and/or program animals on a daily basis. Assists with special events. Coordinates special assignments. Utilizes strong computer, social media, interpersonal and collaborative skills on behalf of employer.

    This position qualifies for paid holidays, vacation and sick time. This position assists/coordinates the daily maintenance and improvement of the grounds, agriculture/farm. Performs a variety of general-purpose duties and manual labor tasks related to the upkeep and improvement of park grounds, buildings, facilities, equipment and/or program animals on a daily basis.

    For a complete job description and application please visit our website at or contact the Administrative Office at 513-867-5835.

  • October 16, 2018 2:58 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Organization: Sustainergy

    It goes without saying that our economy showers the privileged few with unfathomable quantities of wealth and power. In the quest for ever-increasing profits, workers are paid as little as possible, entire communities are laid off, and the ecosystem is pushed beyond its limits. Today, the rules of this economy favor a select few. It’s time to create an economy that benefits us all.

    An opportunity awaits us. Collaboration is the new competition. Working cooperatively, we can together build a business that serves our interests because we’re the shareholders. We own it. We make the rules that benefit us, our communities, and our ecosystem.

    The Cincinnati Union Coop Initiative (CUCI) is working to build a movement to do just this and Sustainergy is its second cooperative business to launch. Sustainergy® is a Mondragon-inspired, employee-owned weatherization company specializing in performing energy-efficiency retrofits for residential buildings. Sustainergy’s work focuses on performing energy analysis, fixing air drafts on the building envelop, install insulation, and smart thermostats to maximize energy efficiency and minimize energy costs. Sustainergy is part of the building trade unions.

    Open position is described below:

    2nd Position Summary

    Position: Insulation Technician
    Reports To: Lead Insulation Installer

    As the Insulation installer, this position is primarily responsible for ensuring that residential weatherization projects are completed with the highest quality work. This person will insulate residential buildings.

    The Insulation Installer will have the opportunity to become a worker-owners and be part of Sustainergy’s business model. While on the path to becoming a worker-owner of Sustainergy Cooperative, this position is responsible for advancing the goals of the company and may include doing some sales.

    Position Responsibilities

    The Insulation Installer responsibilities include, but are not limited, to the following: (Training will be provided)

    Complete the retrofitting work for single family residential buildings; taking responsibility for safety, craftsmanship, and quality.

    Help Lead Insulation Installer to ensure the efficient and timely completion of work.

    Interact with potential clients to sell Sustainergy’s services.

    Be Sustainergy’s strongest advocate to the public and potential clients not only by performing exceptional work, but also in personal interactions with customers.

    Be willing to receive ongoing training.

    Make sure that clients’ property are properly covered and cleaned during the install.

    Position Qualifications

    Demonstrated skills, knowledge, and experience directly related to residential insulation.

    Specific insulation knowledge and the ability to follow direction

    Basic leadership skills.

    Good oral communication skills.

    Ability to maintain personal composure, tactfully handle difficult situations, and interpret questions correctly; ability to behave in a friendly, understanding, helpful, and professional manner with clients and other workers.

    Flexibility, willingness, and ability to perform some sales work, encouraged, but no required.

    Interested in eventually becoming an owner of the business and taking responsibility for its success.

    Work Experience and Certification

    With some residential insulation

    Valid Driver’s License

    OSHA 10 hr. certified, preferred, but not required

    High School Diploma or GED, preferred, but not required

    Physical Requirements

    Ability to use company equipment, tools, and materials including ladders, hand tools, carpenter’s tools, diagnostic/testing equipment and tools, drafting equipment, and others; ability to get to and from work.  

    Ability to exert physical effort in light to moderate work involving lifting, carrying, pushing, and pulling; ability to stoop, kneel, crouch, and crawl; ability to climb and balance.

    In addition to the above requirements, any Lead Insulation Installer or Insulation installer hired for the position to be expected to study and understand the business’ model.

    Please send your cover letter and resume to for consideration soon or contact Flequer Vera at 513.295.7241

  • October 03, 2018 12:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Organization: Cincinnati Nature Center


    • Are you passionate about experiencing and preserving nature and inspiring conservation throughout the community?
    • Do you enjoy being the face of an organization with community partners, donors, business leaders and volunteers?
    • Can you develop and execute strategy with a talented management team and committed Board of Directors?
    • Are you ready to lead an organization into its next phase of growth and community impact?

    Cincinnati Nature Center is hiring a new Executive Director to report to the Board and lead the organization to fulfill its mission and ensure continued financial health. The Executive Director will lead a senior management team of five Directors and a total staff of 85 (increasing to 120 in the summer), augmented by a 450 strong volunteer workforce.


    Cincinnati Nature Center Mission: Inspiring Conservation

    Just minutes away and east from the downtown urban core, Cincinnati Nature Center offers tranquility and solace among 1,800 acres of forests, fields, streams and ponds. With twenty miles of award-winning trails on two picturesque properties, the Nature Center provides spectacular experiences for more than 220,000 visitors each year and over 12,500-member households.

    Cincinnati Nature Center is the largest member-supported nature center in the country. It provides the community with a unique and valuable education resource for innovative, nature-based learning opportunities in a variety of formats. Our trails, school field trips, family and adult seasonal programming, summer camps, off-site travel, teacher retreats, in-school programs and volunteer classes all help connect individuals with nature.

    Visitation and membership at the Nature Center has grown exponentially during the past 8 years, partially due to the opening of the first Nature PlayScape in our region in 2011 and the urgent need to protect our lands.  In 2016, Cincinnati Nature Center responded by opening the Center for Conservation.  The Center is engaged in collaborative, conservation-focused activities that have direct positive impacts on the natural areas and human lives in the Tri-State region.


    With general direction from the Chair and Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director (ED) will provide the leadership and the execution of the 2028 Vision.  The ED will inherit a legacy within the community and then elevate the awareness and visibility of Cincinnati Nature Center as a community resource and a top attraction in the region.

    The Executive Director will work in a collaborative manner to provide direction to leadership team: Director of Conservation, Director of Finance, Director of External Relations, Director of Human Resources, and Director of Visitor Experience.  The ED will also manage, direct, and execute all activities with the highest standards for safety, customer service, and in keeping with the Nature Center’s Mission and Core Values. These activities include, but are not limited to: financial leadership, staff leadership and development, fundraising, community engagement with members, donors, partners and other stakeholders, and Board cultivation and development.


    • Demonstrated commitment to the mission of Cincinnati Nature Center and a passion for the environment and conservation.
    • Bachelor’s degree is required.  A bachelor’s degree specifically in Biology, Education, Non-profit Management, Environmental Studies, or related field is preferred.  (Master’s degree a plus).
    • Strong business acumen, with overall management and P&L responsibility for a non-profit agency, company, or division of a company.
    • Meaningful fundraising success for a non-profit organization, including individual giving, corporate giving, and work with foundations.
    • Experience and comfortable with being the face of an organization with community partners, donors, and a variety of stakeholders to increase awareness and overall visibility.
    • Proven ability to build, mentor and effectively manage a committed and highly competent senior team.
    • Experience in the fields of environmental education, conservation, biodiversity and related disciplines preferred.
    • Demonstrated success in board recruitment, development and general knowledge of board expectations.
    • Demonstrated success facilitating a robust strategic planning process involving the leadership team and Board.
    • Well organized with strong communication skills, including the ability to prepare and deliver presentations to diverse community groups.


    • A collaborative community-builder
    • Confident, natural leader
    • Visionary with an entrepreneurial spirit
    • Contagious enthusiasm with energy and tenacity to deliver results
    • A sense of humor
    • Driven for performance with a ‘can do’ approach
    • Embraces diversity
    • Exceptional communicator, listener and learner

    • Take the helm of a financially sound organization positioned for expanded community impact.
    • Work with an experienced, passionate leadership team and staff.
    • Collaborate with an engaged and supportive Board.
    • Enjoy coming to work every day in an inspiring setting!

    Please directly apply to:

    Michele Plessinger Barry Elkus

  • September 25, 2018 9:37 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Organization: Freestore Foodbank

    The Freestore Foodbank is currently searching for a Mobile Market Operator at our Mayerson Distribution Center!

    ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: Under the supervision of the Mobile Market Manager, the Mobile Market Operator is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market. The Mobile Market Operator will provide outstanding customer service while maintaining a clean and organized market stocked with high quality, fresh food. This position is also responsible for product ordering and pickups, representing the program and FSFB with local partners, and responding to customer feedback.

    • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Healthy Harvest Mobile Market including the purchasing, acquiring and loading of product, driving and setting up the market, breakdown and unloading, inventory and pricing, transactions, register settlement, cleaning and maintenance of trailer and equipment. Maintain working relationships with community partnerships and foster new relationships with community members.
    • Collaborates with Mobile Market Manager to provide and continuously evaluate the healthy and nutritious products that customers want and need.
    • Welcomes, trains, and directs volunteers to support market operation.
    • Provides nutrition information and connects customers with benefits enrollment services, through collaboration with our community partners and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Healthcare enrollment, and other benefits enrollment staff members.
    • Maintains current knowledge of food safety standards, program reporting needs, and partnership responsibilities.

    • Meets regularly with supervisor to set and maintain goals of the program and staff.

    • Maintains familiarity with other FSFB programs, departments, and staff in order to seek opportunities to collaborate and to connect customers to other services.

    • Conducts surveys and obtains other data and feedback from customers and sites.

    • When possible, participates in fundraising, special events, and other community activities supported by or in support of FSFB.


    • High school diploma or equivalent required.
    • Must be ServSafe certified or receive certification within three months of the hire date.
    • Must have a valid driver’s license and own transportation.
    • Must be willing to drive and staff the Mobile Market on a daily basis.
    • Must be willing to work evenings and weekends, if market schedule requires it.
    • Merchandising experience preferred.
    • Bilingual in English and Spanish strongly preferred.
    • Excellent verbal and written communications skills. Attention to detail required.
    • Excellent customer service skills.
    • Strong analytic and critical thinking skills.
    • Ability to accomplish goals within timeframes and complete reports by appropriate dates.
    • Demonstrated ability to work within a collaborative team environment.
    • Extensive working experience in the use of technology applications and infrastructure is strongly desired. Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite required.
    • Must be willing to work in uncomfortable weather conditions.


    Walking, driving, typing, talking, sitting, bending, filing, hearing, writing, analyzing, identifying, analytical reasoning, remembering, understanding, interpreting, and problem solving. Able to physically visit sites that may not be ADA accessible. Ability to work in differing weather conditions.

    Company Information

    Freestore Foodbank is one of Ohio’s largest food banks. We distribute 23 million meals annually through a network of about 350 community partner agencies serving 20 counties in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Our mission is to provide food and services, create stability, and further self-reliance for people in crisis.

    To apply, e-mail your information and salary requirement to or go to and fill out an application online.


  • September 25, 2018 4:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Organization: MetroParks of Butler County

    Characteristic Duties and Responsibilities – Essential Functions:

    • Point of contact for customers during both corporate and social events. Greet customers and serves as event coordinator for each event.

    • Assist with day of coordination of weddings and larger events.

    • Responsible for supervising beverage attendants/bartenders during events. Serves as a replacement bartender/host as needed.

    • Responsible for assisting customer with any needs during event, including room sets up and other

    equipment. Sets up and troubleshoot audio-visual equipment. Provides assistance to management staff and customers before, during and after event.

    • Attends business and event expos to promote the assigned facility as a regional conference and event center.

    • Maintain clean and neat general areas of facility during events, including stocking restrooms with appropriate supplies and assisting with any needs of the bartenders of additional supplies.

    • Answer phones and emails in a professional manner and directs calls as necessary. Takes messages and handles routine requests for information as instructed.

    • Close out assigned events as required. Leaving facility in a manner appropriate for a viewing following the end of an event.

    • Tracks sales, uses cash register, issues receipts, makes change and handles cash and credit card payments accurately and, pursuant to established accounting procedures, assists with inventory as assigned.

    • Operates licensed and non-licensed motor vehicles or APVs.

    • Other duties as assigned.

    Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

    • Ability to work unsupervised, to organize and coordinate, to prioritize and self-initiate

    • Ability to maintain confidentially on sensitive issues and non-public records.

    • Ability to maintain a professional, cooperative working relationship with other staff members, volunteers and the staff of other agencies.

    • Follows MetroParks policies in Employee Guide and other policies as applicable.

    • Meets and deals with the public in a professional, helpful and pleasant manner. Acts as a good-will ambassador for the MetroParks at all times.

    Required Education and Experience:

    • Completed at least two (2) years of college level coursework. Preferable pursuing a degree in hospitality, event coordination, communications or planning or already obtained a degree in one of the above fields. Significant work experience can substitute for the degree.

    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with a passion of customer service and event coordination.

    • Experience in supervising part-time staff in high intensity situations.

    • Minimum of 21 years of age at the time of employment, competent working knowledge of Ohio statutes relative to the preparation, sale, handling and/or dispensing of alcoholic beverages is required of candidates for and employees in this position.

    • Successful completion of ServSafe Food Handler course within six months of hire date. Competent

    working knowledge of Ohio and local regulations relative to the safe preparation, sale, and handling of food in a retail environment. Previous retail experience is preferred for this position.

    • Knowledge of audio-visual equipment setup including but not limited to: projectors, DVD players, VCRs, notebook computers, microphones, and PowerPoint software is preferred. Ability to operate a cash

    register, to track and accurately handle payments, make change, and process credit card payments is also necessary.

    • Certification in CPR, First Aid and AED from the American Red Cross or the American Heart Association within six months of hire date. Once certified, all employees in this position shall remain so certified throughout employment.

    • Exceptional customer service ethic and meets high expectations of quality.

    • A valid driver’s license with an acceptable motor vehicle record allowing insurability by the MetroParks’ current vehicle insurance carrier under existing coverage provision at the time of employment and thereafter. Candidates may not have more than 4 total points (or equivalent penalty) issued by a recognized licensing authority for driving-related violations on their driving record at the time of employment.

    • Good moral character with no history of serious criminal activity (felony convictions) is required of all persons who are candidates for employment or employees currently working under the provisions of this position description.

    Work Environment & Schedule:

    This job performs in a service/operational environment, and includes use of kitchen and custodial equipment.

    This is an intermittent part time hourly position as work will include extended hours and/or an irregular work schedule, including evenings, weekends and holidays.

    For full job description and description and application: please visit our

    website at or contact the Administrative Office at 513-867-5835.

  • September 24, 2018 11:24 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Organization: Cincinnati Observatory Center

    The Cincinnati Observatory Center (COC) is hiring a part-time Program Educator to lead space themed programs at off-site locations, like schools and libraries, as well as at the Observatory. The position will work closely with the Education Curriculum Coordinator and report directly to the Outreach Astronomer. The position is 20-25 hours a week.

    The Observatory is a National Historic Landmark whose mission is to excite and instill wonder in program participants of all ages. To meet that mission the Program Educator will share amazing telescope views of the sun, stars and planets (including using our historic telescope -the oldest public telescope in the country) as well as classroom and other tools to inspire program attendees with the wonders of the science of astronomy. A successful candidate for this position will be charismatic, hard-working and a team player.

    Working for the COC means being part of a small, dynamic team that has a big impact serving approximately 30,000 people per year, and is passionate about inspiring a love of astronomy, science and local history in the community.


    • Host field trips at the Observatory for K-7th students
    • Conduct outreach programs for K-7th students
    • Conduct outreach & field trip programs for community & civic groups
    • Assist with special events at the Cincinnati Observatory
    • Work with COC’s education team to ensure quality and innovative programming
    • Other duties as necessary


    • Experience teaching students from a variety of age groups
    • Flexible schedule as program times vary, including nights and occasional weekends
    • Strong organizational and communication skills
    • A vehicle and valid driver’s license for travel to outreach programs
    • Background check
    • Bachelor’s degree in Education, Astronomy, or related science preferred
    • Ability to work both independently and as part of a team

    The position will pay $15/hour. No benefits. Please send a cover letter and resume by October 1 to: 

    Samantha Pepper, Education Curriculum Coordinator
    Cincinnati Observatory Center
    (513) 321-5186

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