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Organization: OMID


“Sustainable Technologies, Lifting up Communities”

OMID is a Cincinnati-based nonprofit working to help poor farming communities all over the world. We have developed cutting-edge sustainable and affordable technologies that give communities control over energy and water. We then work with them to help them determine how they might best use these to achieve their own economic and social aspirations in an environmentally sound manner.

SolerCool Colombia SAS is a for-profit Colombian company that creates, manufactures and sells sustainable technologies and equipment for low-income and other farming communities. SolerCool Colombia licenses technology of SolerCool Ltd., a U.S. company, and uses open-sourced technology of OMID to produce its products. It devotes resources to OMID in a working partnership to lift incomes of poor farmers.

The goal is to create a self-sustaining for-profit /non-profit hybrid whose purpose is to help thousands of subsistence communities lift themselves out of through affordable  sustainable technologies that give families hope for a better future.  


Project Manager (PM) working with both OMID and SolerCool Colombia

Position Details:

Job Description:

The PM will be responsible for day-to-day operations of OMID and SolerCool Colombia. While both entities have been in development for several years, the OMID / SolerCool partnership is a startup. The PM must be an entrepreneur who understands the vision and concept of the for-profit / nonprofit hybrid. This will require being able to engage with engineers about the technology, community members about how we might help them address their needs, other NGOs with whom we partner in the work and government officials who we hope will use our technologies as part of infrastructure development. The PM must understand how to run a successful business that sells products to a wide range of Colombian businesses and other countries, including but not limited to the fruit/vegetable, flower, meat, milk, fish and other sectors. The success of the for-profit / nonprofit hybrid model to become financially self-sustaining is dependent upon the PM being able to work with all parties. 

The PM will not start from scratch but will inherit almost a decade of work, including: 

  • A line of unique solar-powered products that have been validated in the field.
  • A variety of markets already cultivated for the for-profit side of the organization. 
  • A strong non-profit partner in Colombia with connections to subsistence communities throughout the country. Red Adelco ( will assist in developing key relationships and help OMID propagate its technologies and processes througout Colombia. 
  • An established demonstration and R&D site in Valledupar, Colombia where we currently have a complete system set up at SENA (, the so-called “University of the Poor”.
  • An active and strong relationship with regional and national government officials who can play a key role in the distribution of the technology.
  • Strong and active Boards in the USA and Colombia to assist in the success of both for-profit and nonprofit entities.

We have all pieces in place for OMID / SolerCool to succeed in Colombia. We need someone with the entrepreneurial skills and passion to leverage technologies and structures with the goal of turning  the OMID / SolerCool hybrid model into a global presence, impacting thousands of communities within 5 years.


Organizational Leadership

  1. Provide direction to all staff and volunteers to ensure a smooth, safe and efficient operation of the organization
  2. Contribute to the overall strategic planning process of the organization including working with the Board of Directors to ensure mission efficacy
  3. Work collaboratively with other organizations and personnel in Valledupar, Colombia to create a model farm prototype, using solar powered equipment for groundwater access and drip irrigation, as well as cold-storage after crops are harvested.
  4. Work with partners in Colombia to develop markets and replicate these technologies and processes throughout the country.

General Administration

  1. Serve as the chief operating officer for the hybrid ensuring that all operational procedures and guidelines are created, maintained, and in legal compliance for the betterment of the organization
  2. Function as the Project Manager (PM) for all aspects of the Colombia projects.


  1. Represent the organization through community events, speaking engagements and stakeholder meetings
  2. Work with OMID’s Board for grant writing, website and social media.

Financial Management

  1. Oversee financial health of OMID / SolerCool Colombia assets and achieve financial objectives of both organizations
  2. Analyze organization’s fiscal performance
  3. Develop and monitor annual budgets
  4. Help determine short and long-term financial needs.
  5. Maintain financial transparency in interactions with board of directors and stakeholders

Human Resources/Personnel

  1. Work effectively with our nonprofit partner Red Adelco.
  2. Work effectively with our for-profit partners in Colombia.
  3. Supervise team and manage human resource functions as they arise.
  4. Supervise interns, volunteers, a sales team and others who work with or for the organization.  


Minimum Requirements

  1. A Bachelor’s Degree or MBA in a relevant field, with a minimum of 3 years’ experience in nonprofit and/or for-profit administration or the equivalent.
  2. Proven success working within a nonprofit or small business with knowledge of how to manage a startup entity with professional ethics.
  3. Experience in developing partnerships with local, regional, and national government entities or similar agencies preferred.
  4. Experience in Project Management (PM). Experience with the use of PM software is a plus.
  5. Strong financial acumen with experience developing and managing budgets.
  6. Experience in recruiting, coaching, developing and retaining talented employees and effectively managing the human resources responsibilities of an organization

Other Requirements

  1. Must be fluent in Spanish and have good writing and communication skills in both English and Spanish.
  2. Must be able to work and collaborate with others in Latin American cultural contexts.
  3. Must be willing reside in Colombia for the time required to get basic operations functioning well.
  4. Must be able to work with members of subsistence communities, to listen to them and determine how to help them achieve their aspirations.
  5. Must be able to effectively communicate the mission of OMID to a variety of audiences.

Salary and Benefits

To be determined based upon qualifications and discussion.

Applying for the Position

Qualified Candidates must submit:

  • Resume
  • Letter of Interest
  • 3 References (with valid e-mail addresses and phone numbers)

Review of applicants will begin on July 15. The position is open until filled.

All submissions, or any questions regarding this position, should be directed to:

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