Urban Ecovillage Intern

January 03, 2018 10:38 AM | Anonymous member

Organization: ENRIGHT RIDGE URBAN ECOVILLAGE www.enrightecovillage.org 

Overview: Work half time on the ecovillage urban farm and half time on the homestead of an ecovillage founder


When: April 1 to October 31, 2018 

You will have the unique opportunity to learn gardening skills and live in an urban ecovillage. 

This urban ecovillage is located just seven minutes from downtown Cincinnati, in an existing 100 year old neighborhood.  It is an evolving experiment in making our cities ecological places to live. 

Urban Earth Farm is an example of CSA farming, using organic principals to grow in the city with the farm located in backyards and vacant lots.  We believe we can have this type of farms throughout our cities and they will provide a significant amount of food for the future.



  • Work with the Farm Administrator and Farmer in growing and distributing sufficient food for the CSA.
  • Work with other farm workers in carrying out the tasks needed.
  • Serve on the Farm Project Committee
  • Be involved with ecovillage social events.

Interns will contribute 20 hours/week to the program, experiencing all aspects of farming in an urban environment.  They will receive weekly training sessions on different aspects of farming.



To do whatever tasks are required to maintain the homestead.  Such as:

  • Helping keep up their small garden
  • Food preservation.
  • Clearing fence rows and controlling weeds
  • Work on the forest garden
  • Straightening, painting, cleaning


  • Help with educating people about urban ecovillages, such as:
    • Ecovillage podcast
    • Publishing and marketing book on ecovillage
  • Assist others in the ecovillage when needed.
  • Assist Community Earth Alliance with its projects.
  • Opportunity to spend time in nature, with other ecovillagers and for personal growth.

Intern will contribute 20 hours/week as the homestead intern.  It will be an opportunity to experience life in the ecovillage and to learn from seasoned ecovillagers.


  • A desire to expand gardening skills
  • An interest in learning about alternative lifestyles based on a love for Earth.
  • Interested in learning about the ecovillage
  • Computer skills.


Intern will be offered housing, food from the CSA gardens, plus a $100 per week stipend and an opportunity to learn.

If you are a college student and are interested in gaining credit for this experience, we would be willing to work with your college or university to make this happen.                                                                    


Jim Schenk 

553 Enright Ave.

Cincinnati, OH 45205



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