Council Members

Michaela Oldfield, Director GCR Food Policy Council

Megan Kennedy, Research Assistant, GCR Food Policy Council

Rosie Allen, University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension Service

Chris Auffrey, School of Planning, College of DAPP, UC

Alice Chalmers, Ohio Valley Food Connection

Vicki Ciotti, Civic Garden Center

Kathy Cooley, Mary Margaret Hospital

Tristan Crigger, Findlay Market

Tom DiBello, Center for Great Neighborhoods

Marian Dickinson, Green Umbrella

Mike Fackler, Loveland High School

Tevis Foreman, Cincinnati Health Department

Kristin Gangwer, Our Harvest

Robin Henderson, Office of Sustainability, City of Cincinnati

Mike Ionna, Planning and Development Services of Kenton County

Margaret Jenkins, Clermont County CAN, OSU Extension

Kate Keller, Interact for Health

Roger Kipp, Norwood City Schools

Jennifer Kramer-Wine, Edible Ohio Valley

Millard Long, KHI Foods, Inc.

Jaime Love, Interact for Health

Ashley Patrick, Ohio Kentucky Indiana Regional Planning

Lauren Niemes Lancaster, The Children's Home of Cincinnati

Patrice McGhee, Freestore Foodbank

Denisha Porter, Cincinnati Health Department

Frank Russell, UC Community Design Center

Kelly Schwegman, Northern Kentucky Health Department

Peggy Shaffer, Miami Institute of Food

Penny Shore, Wyoming Farmers Market

Kathleen Smythe, Xavier University

Trazana Staples, Gabriel's Place

Tony Staubach, OSU Hamilton County Extension

Ken Stern, Our Harvest Research and Education Institute

Rebecca Stowe, Hamilton County Public Health

Stacey Todd, Hamilton County Planning and Development

Ronata Robinson, The Center for Closing the Health Gap

Kristin Weiss, Green Umbrella

Alan Wight, University of Cincinnati

Cathy Winston, Northern Kentucky Health Department

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