Good Food Access & Consumption

Goal: Encourage healthy food access and consumption for all residents in Greater Cincinnati.

• State and local policies ensure consistent funding streams for food-security programs such as Produce Perks and the Ohio fresh food financing fund.

• Local policies incentivize corner stores and small food retailer to sell fresh fruits and vegetables.

• Nutrition education programs in classrooms and cafeterias, which work together with current curriculum standards, are used to help build a better student

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What is Produce Perks? 

Nine farmers’ markets in Hamilton County are participating in a program that offers incentive dollars to customers utilizing the Ohio Direction Card.

Participating markets include: Northside Farmers Market, Lettuce Eat Well Farmers Market, College Hill Farmers Market, Loveland Farmers Market, Wyoming Farmers Market, and Findlay Market, Findlay Market Farmstand @Price Hill, Findlay Market Farmstand @Walnut Hills, Findlay Market Farmstand @Westwood. The program ran May 1, 2015-April 30, 2016.

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