Healthy, Sustainable, Equitable Food Systems Policies in Greater Cincinnati

Healthy Food Resolutions

The town of Williamstown, KY recently passed a resolution promoting healthy food, based in part on a sample resolution from the GCRFPC and at the urging of the Northern Kentucky Public Health Department, which is a member of the GCRFPC. Congrats on your policy win! The Council looks forward to providing expertise and assistance to our members and Williamstown in implementing the resolutions. 

Sharing tables policies

Ohio Department of Health

Indiana Department of Education

USDA Food & Nutrition Service

Sharing Tables are a place in the cafeteria where students who have been served more food than they can eat can place unopened healthy items for other students to access rather than throwing it away. Any extra food is taken to a nearby food pantry to further spread access to healthy foods. Note there is no formal guidance for Kentucky sharing tables, but they are currently in operation in several schools. 

Urban Agriculture Policies

Cincinnati's Zoning Code permits farming within the city limits. The City's Department of Planning and Zoning is also going through a review of where and how urban agriculture is permitted in the city. 

On June 1st, 2017 the Cincinnati City Council unanimously adopted an urban agriculture motion directing city departments to assess the availability of land and resources for urban agriculture and to develop systems to make it easier to access and put land into production. 

For further information on policies that support urban agriculture, contact the Cincinnati Office of Environment & Sustainability

Model Policies and Position Statements

These are the issues we're prioritizing for 2017-2019.

A Template for Healthy, Equitable, Sustainable Food Systems Resolutions

GCRFPC's Land Use and Production team's statement on Agricultural Land Preservation Policies

CRFPC's position on composting regulations. 

Fact Sheets on Model Policies

Policy Strategies for addressing healthy food access

Cincinnati Regional Data

State of Local Food Report, 2012, by Kristin Gangwer

Food Asset Maps, courtesy of Dr. Alan Wight. If you would like a printed copy of any of these maps, please contact Dr. Wight at wightra at

Cincinnati Food System Analysis, by Alican Yildiz and Frank Russel. Data sets available by emailing 

Covington's Westside Community Asset and Food Map, by the Center for Great Neighborhoods

Resources from our Members

Learn something new or access a community resource or program offered by one of our members! Content is organized according to the goals of the workgroups. 

Healthy Food Access & Consumption Workgroup

Produce Perks, a program that allows SNAP beneficiaries to double their dollars when shopping at Farmers' Markets. 

Distribution & Procurement Workgroup

Looking for a bigger market? Ohio Valley Food Connection and Our Harvest Cooperative aggregate and distribute for small farmers in our region.

Land Use & Production Workgroup

Learn to grow your own food, with the Civic Garden Center.

Build skills for your full scale agriculture business with Cultivate! Ohio.

Urban Agriculture Advisory Committee, Cincinnati - Opportunities for being involved in Urban Ag

Access land for Urban Agriculture in Cincinnati through the Office of Environmental Sustainability or the Port Authority.

Zoning, Assessment, Planning and Food Waste Workgroup

Several public health departments offer assistance conducting community assessments and implementing ordinances to address public health, including: 
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