Resources to End Food Waste

USEPA and USDA Resources

The USDA has partnered with the USEPA in achieving the 2030 Food Loss and Waste Reduction Goal. Wasted food comprises an estimated 21% of the total American waste stream. These links offer further food waste resources. 

EPA Waste Reduction Goal

Objectives, key activities, opportunities, and actions

EPA Food Waste Toolkit: Food Too Good to Waste

An implementation guide and toolkit

EPA Tri-State Food Waste Directory

Graphic displaying food waste type by County

EPA Sustainable Management of Food

Read about regional wasted food prevention and diversion efforts

USDA Food Loss and Waste Reduction

List of U.S. Food Loss and Waste 2030 Champions

USDA Food Loss and Waste Reduction Activities

Outline of new and ongoing USDA programs

USDA Food Loss Measurement Tools

Toolkits for auditing, measuring, and managing food waste

USDA Food Waste Webinars

Educational video resources

Food Recovery Hierarchy, food waste, composting, waste management, recycle, source reduction

We wanted to take this opportunity to develop a campaign to shock the public with the enormous scale of food waste, and educate supporters about how food rescue can help solve the hunger crisis.

Legislative Resources

Links to both national and Ohio-specific legislation pertaining to food waste.

Policy guidance for states and localities
Federal Enhanced Tax Deduction for Food Donation
A legal guide issued April 2016
Ohio Administrative Code
Chapter 3717-1 State of Ohio Uniform Food Safety Code

2017 Greater Cincinnati Action Plan

Key strategies to Prevent, Recover and Recycle Food Waste

Food Loss and Waste Protocol

Provides an accounting and reporting standard, "what gets measured gets  managed"

The Food Recovery Act

Pending federal legislation: House of Representatives, Senate

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